I’ve reached an awkward stretch in my “Twin Peaks” rewatch.

A new cover. Recorded and arranged in Logic.

Audrey Horne? … Here!

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Happy Valentine’s Day

Love Theme from “Twin Peaks” - Piano Cover

Composed by Angelo Badalamenti. Recorded and arranged in Garageband. Photographs by Kirk Gunton. 
Soundcloud link: https://soundcloud.com/guntonkirk/love-theme-from-twin-peaks
"Solo Rhodes" Version: https://soundcloud.com/guntonkirk/love-theme-rhodes

Falling (Theme from “Twin Peaks”) - Piano Cover

 ‎Hey, I’m in a psychogenic fugue / And this is crazy / I killed my girlfriend / So call me, maybe?

Love Theme from “Twin Peaks” (Solo Rhodes)

A version with a synthesized Rhodes piano, the instrument with which Angelo Badalamenti originally composed the piece.

Love Theme (From “Twin Peaks”)

Recorded with MIDI controller in Garageband.

Composers - Angelo Badalamenti and David Lynch